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In 1994, a small core of lawyers had as soul, a person with a clear and deep Musical Education, the combative Lawyer and Professor of Music, Mr.Dimitris Karoyzos, who made his appearance with a different kind of voice into the Athens Bar Association, quite different from laws, provisions, courts and cases,......with the voice of song.

Slowly but with stable steps, the core grew and took shape as the Byzantine Chorus of Athens Bar Association, in which the Teaching and General Command was and continues to be, up to today, to the experienced hands of Mr. Dimitris Karoyzos.

During the years, the Chorus included in its repertory apart from Byzantine anthems, some authentic Greek music such as: traditional folk songs and songs of Greek musical creation by well- known and valorisen Greek composers (as Chatzidakis, Theodorakis, Xarchakos, Loizos, e.t.c.), and so, the chorus became known as The Chorus of Athens Bar Association, known henceforth from her presence in those that love the good Greek music. During maestro's first steps, a precious encouragement was given by the President of the Athens Bar Association Mr. Papas Takis ,who not only showed his excitement with the idea of a Chorus but also helped, in his Presidency, at the Chorus' foundation. The support of the Chorus continues since then, by the members of each Administrative Council and each President of the ABA.

Of course the chorus has the support of the present A.C and its President Mr. Giannis Adamopoulos.

The members of chorus are men and women, all combative lawyers, who spend just a bit of their precious time and insist for one decade now, to meet all together in a friendly environment. They joint their voices harmoniously, just to travel us for a few hours into a melodic journey of psalms and songs and they are spreading simultaneously the climate and the customs that accompany them, as a sample of culture in every area and mostly in the area of laws with the responsibility and the stress of the everyday routine ,as their profession does not allow them to have a lot of personal and free time.

Our chorus, this year, celebrates its sixteen years of life, in which it contributed and continues to contribute in cultural activities of the Athens Bar Association and even beyond this. Since its foundation, The Chorus of Athens Bar Association has participated to various events.